At Cool Dog Productions, it’s all about the dogs. Every one of them is special, and I have been fortunate to not only make a living working with them, but also to enjoy the bonds that I have created with each and every performing pet canine.

Every dog listed on our Wall of Fame has left lasting memories for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. I’d like to tell you about a few of our outstanding friends that have either retired or passed away.

Time is short, but life is grand. God bless them all.

  1. Reagle “Red Eagle” Reagle is a stunning Australian Shepherd that displayed incredible power and grace. He was best known for his fearless chest vaults as he would lay out 10-foot airs and land like a cat each time. He was the son of Scooter (see below) and made his dad proud. Reagle retired in 2002, and now lives a life of luxury on a Las Vegas ranch.

  2. Scooter “The Wonder Dog” Some consider Scooter to be one of the greatest performing Frisbee-catching dogs of all time. He had it all — looks, style, power, and heart and drive that were unrivaled. Scooter was one of those dogs that come around just once in a lifetime. He won many titles in his short competitive career and lit up many faces around the world during his amazing performing career. He was one of the first Frisbee-catching dogs to perform in Japan, the first dog to be named a mascot for an NFL team (San Francisco 49ers) and an inductee into the Ashley Whippet Hall of Fame. Scooter also gave me the opportunity to be creative back in those early days as we pioneered many freestyle moves that are still considered top shelf to this day. Scooter retired in style in 1997 and passed away in 2001.

  3. Quila (short for “Tequila”) This little heeler was known for her incredible gymnastic talents as she performed perfect end-over-end somersaults while catching Frisbees. She was well-loved, as she was always happy and eager to please. She retired in 2002 and is now our family pet. She and our kids keep each other busy all day long.

  4. Kirby “The K-9 Comet” After Scooter, I never thought I’d ever have the chance to handle another dog with so much talent. But then Kirby came along. She was everything Scooter was, plus she was the smartest dog I’d ever worked with. I took everything I knew from working with Scooter and incorporated that with Kirby’s keen intelligence. For many years, we had fun developing some of the most innovative freestyle moves in the industry. 1993 - 2007 - RIP. Everybody loved Kirby.

  5. Merlin
    Merlin was the ultimate stunt dog as he dazzled fans across the country with his fearless feats. The camera loved him, as you can see from this shot, which is one for the books (look closely at the building in the background). Merlin always threw spectacular airs for the camera. My personal favorite is when he flew over a talk show host’s head on “The Best Damn Sports Show Period.” Merlin retired in 2002 to a ranch in Las Vegas, where he is spoiled to no end.


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"Our crowds gave Lou and his amazing dogs a standing ovation. It’s was a first for us! "

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