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Film, Television, Commericials, Print and Special events.

The CoolDog Productions team of dogs are well-known around the world for performing amazing stunts and tricks for live audiences...but they are also available for film, television and print. Our animal actors are the top talent in the industry for performing specialized stunts and tricks involving Acrobatics, Flips, Jumps, Retrieves, Catches, and interactions with humans and stunts involving multiple dogs. Our core team includes rescued Mixes, Austrailian Cattle Dogs, Border Collies, Labrador Retrievers, a 3-legged American Staffordshire Terrier (Pit Bull), Belgian Malinios and more.

As a Talent Agency, we can help you find the perfect Dog Actor to perform as your Stunt Dog, or we'll find you the most charismatic canine for a starring role as your Top Dog!

For more information about CoolDog Productions and Stunt Dogs Unlimited animal actors, please fill out our Booking Information form.

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